For the whole community:
Study Guides for the Four
Great Constitutions
Follow the presentation above with a detailed
study of each Constitution. Each of these guides
has 5 small group or personal study sessions,
which can be used in a variety of ways.

Help your people read these documents. They
are the basis of today's Church.
  • Source & Summit (Liturgy)
  • Christ is the Light of the Nations (Church)
  • Revealed by God (Revelation)
  • The Church in the World (Gaudium et
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For those who want to go deeper, especially Youth and
Young Adults (who were all born after Vatican II was
history!) Perfect for Small Church Communities.
14 Study Sessions on Vatican II
We have created a very complete Study Guide based on
Vatican II in Plain English
. This guide will walk you through
all the aspects of the Council:
  • What led up to Vatican II in Church History?
  • How did they get organized?
  • Who was there?
  • What method did they use to reach consensus?
  • What were the outcomes?
  • How do these apply to the Church today?
  • What was left undone by Vatican II?
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more sets of the books.
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Implementation Worksheets
(which are reproducible) to plan ways that your
parish can take key steps to implement the
teachings of the Council in these areas:
  • The Universal Call to Holiness
  • Ecumenism
  • Participatory Liturgy
  • Baptism as the "sacrament of ministry"
  • The Growth of the Domestic Church
  • The Promotion of Human Dignity
  • The Formation of a Catholic Conscience
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Adult formation in the parish
using our e-Workshop Kits.
Themes include:
  • The Story of Vatican II
  • A Review of all 16 Council Documents
  • Rethinking Sacraments

Each of these kits comes with
  • Really excellent PowerPoint presentations
  • Talking points for the presenter
  • Handouts which you have the right to reproduce for your own use
  • A lovely Vatican II communal prayer, which is also reproducible
Use these with Youth Ministry, RCIA, Adult formation, or any other parish
learning group.                  
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Handouts on Vatican II
Each of these addresses one key aspect of the Council, and each is
an excellent teaching or study tool on the Council.

They include:
  • Pope John’s opening speech at the Council
  • Catholic Memories on the Eve of the Council
  • Factors which Gave Rise to Vatican II

  • How Vatican II did its Work – the Methodology
  • Archbishop Hallinan’s Council Speech on Women
  • How to Teach About Vatican II in Your Parish

  • The Prayers of Vatican II
  • The Gift of Peace – Pacem in Terris
  • On the Primacy of Conscience and How to Explain It

  • The History of the Church Culminating in Vatican II - (a longer
    document suitable for sharing electronically)
  • Vatican II Ends Centuries of Grudge Holding
  • A Complete Summary of Documents of the Council
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Vatican II: the Next Generation!
Lessons for young Catholics. Teach
them about the Council! Help them
grow up in the modern Church.

This wonderful collection of lessons and
teacher guides addresses kids in grades
K-2, 3-5 or 6-8.
Find them here.
The Spiritual Wisdom of
Saint John XXIII

This is an intimate and deep
look at the profound and holy
energy that made this man a

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Vatican II
in a
Ed Program.
Continuing Ed brought to your doorstep!
PLUS: the resources to help you teach others in your parish or school
Graduate Course Syllabus
Here is a grad course syllabus,
complete with 18 PowerPoint
presentations and all needed
handouts. Use it to provide top notch
continuing ed on the Council.
adapted for undergrad or high
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Every Catholic student (especially
seminarians) should be steeped in the
story and promise of this Council.
Grad Lectures on the Constitutions
This is a fully electronic set of presentations on
the four great constitutions from the Council.
Invite Fr Mike Joncas, Dr Art Zannoni, Fr Mike
Byron, and David Haas into your class setting.
This is a stirring and powerful introduction at the
graduate level.
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Vatican II in Plain English