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For Bible Study
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Exploring the Sunday Readings

In English or Spanish  8.5 X 11"
-- four pages

An outstanding way to prepare for
Liturgy, to prepare your homily, to
Break Open the Word, and to pray with

Here's an indispensable and economical
way to break open the Word in your
parish. Order Exploring the Sunday
Readings for your leadership team, DRE
and catechists, parish ministers, RCIA
sponsors, catechumens, and
candidates, Scripture study groups, and
all who want a thorough and spiritual
preparation for Sunday liturgy.

Y es disponible también en español. Se
llama Para Meditar la Lecturas
Dominicales. Es un recurso excelente
para ayudarle crecer en su fe.

This bestselling publication offers:

-- Concise, thought-provoking
commentaries that go straight to the
heart of the readings

-- Practical, challenging questions for
reflection and discussion

-- An action response for each week's
Scripture message

-- Opening and closing prayers that set
the tone for liturgy preparation

-- A Question of the Week for each
Sunday to guide parishioners in
"breaking open the Word
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Bible Study in Plain English

18 sessions -- 8.5 X 11"
-- 5-6 pages each -- full color

We also offer Bible studies
which are easy to use and in
plain English, o en español
sencillo. These sessions are all
downloadable -- and each
download serves as a handout
for one session. They are all
reproducible, so your cost per
session in extremely low.

The session handouts are in
color but also print beautifully in
black and white, and they
contain lovely artwork. The Bible
study draws the learner into the
text again and again, asking
them to find for themselves
various key stories and people
in the Bible. There are dozens of
conversation starters and
activities to help users integrate
the Bible into their own lives.

These Bible Studies are the
perfect large or small group
resource! Each session is
designed to provide an hour or
more of content, and when you
add (1) prayer (see the
downloadable prayer services
on the main menu), (2)
refreshments, and (3) the
friendly chatter of groups, you
have more than you need to
provide fantastic adult faith
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