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At Threshold Bible Study

The risen Jesus said: “Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking;
if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you” (Rev 3:20).
Part 1: Matthew 1-16
Part 2: Matthew 17-28

Meet Jesus as Israel’s royal Messiah, inaugurating God’s
kingdom in the world, and move from the
Transfiguration to the Resurrection, announcing Jesus
as the world’s true King. The life, death, and
resurrection of Jesus bring the hopes of Israel to their
dramatic climax.
Jesus: the Word Made Flesh
Part One: John chapters 1-10
Part Two: John chapters 11-21

Let Steve Binz reintroduce you to the Gospel of John,
and to Jesus as he emerges from this wonderful story.
Encounter Christ through Lectio Divina, sharing your
faith and learning at the same time.
Jesus: the Suffering Servant
Part One: Mark chapters 1-8
Part Two: Mark chapters 10-16

Mark wrote his Gospel for the persecuted church in
Rome. This first half of the Gospel focuses on the
question for all disciples, “Who do you say I am?” In his
fast-paced gospel, Mark highlights those parts of the
tradition that will help the church understand Jesus
better and follow him more faithfully.
Jesus: the Compassionate Savior
Part One: Luke chapters 1-11
Part Two: Luke chapters 12-24

Luke wrote his gospel for all Gentiles seeking to
understand God’s universal plan of salvation in Jesus,
the Savior of all people. His narrative continues to show
people how the stories of Jesus transcend their setting
in first century Palestine to speak powerfully in every
age. Today, the gospel becomes truly good news for
the lives of people in every nation, of every race,
language, and culture.
Part 1: Acts 1-14
Part 2: Acts 15-28

The most thrilling and adventurous book of the Bible,
Acts shows us Christianity being lived for the first time.
It takes us to some of the great cities of the ancient
world. It introduces us to all kinds of people: apostles,
prophets, martyrs, philosophers, governors, kings,
merchants, jailers, and sailors. And it invites us to see
the adventure continuing on and on in our lives.