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Threshold Bible Study
by Stephen J Binz

The risen Jesus said: “Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking;
if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you” (Rev 3:20).
The Tragic and Triumphant
Plumb the depths of Scripture for the awful
and glorious significance of the world's most
beloved symbol. Worn on our necks, carried
in procession, and set on mountaintops, the
cross is truly the universal sign of humanity's
greatest hope.

People of the Passion
Experience Christ’s Passion through the eyes
of Peter, Mary Magdalene, Pilate, Simon of
Cyrene, the daughters of Jerusalem, and
many others. Travel the way of the cross
with this motley gathering of gospel

The Resurrection and the Life
Realize how the Resurrection offers us hope
for the future and gives purpose for
everything we do today. The Resurrection is
God’s greatest victory and the fulfillment of
humanity’s deepest longing.

The Lamb and the Beasts
Choose the way of the Lamb over the way
of the beasts, the mystical Jerusalem over
the corruption of Babylon. Realize that the
book of Revelation is not about what the
future holds, but about who holds the

Enrich your understanding of Eucharist
through exploring its biblical roots. As holy
sacrifice, sacred meal, and the living
presence of Christ, the Eucharist is the focal
experience of the church’s life.

Jerusalem ,The Holy City
Learn Jerusalem’s significance in the history,
prophets, and psalms of Israel, and its
importance as the city of Jesus’ final
pilgrimage and the founding city of the
church. This city of peace is the city of
David, the city of Jesus, and the model for
God’s new creation.

Angels of God
Enhance today’s fascination with angels
with an overview of the Bible’s presentation
of God’s angels as mediators, guardians, and
guides. Understanding their role throughout
biblical history will enhance your awareness
of their presence with us today.

Mysteries of the Rosary
Explore the biblical roots of each of the
mysteries of the rosary. Enhance your
meditation on the joyful, luminous,
sorrowful, and glorious mysteries by
understanding the great events of our
salvation in Christ.

John: Parts 1 & 2
Let author Steve Binz introduce you again
to Jesus in the Gospel of John. This is the
Word Made Flesh - and you will find him
dwelling among us, indeed!

Matthew: Parts 1 & 2
This study will help you understand the
scope of this gospel, the clear advice it offers
for the church, and its personal implications
for the lives of disciples today.

Mark: Parts 1 & 2
Steve Binz artfully introduces you to Jesus as
the Suffering Servant. Likewise, the lectio
divina method in this study leads you to see
how you are also called to die to yourself in
order to experience the glory of the Risen
Christ in your life.

Luke: Parts 1 & 2
Luke wrote his gospel for all Gentiles
seeking to understand God’s universal plan
of salvation in Jesus, the Savior of all
people. His narrative continues to show
people how the stories of Jesus transcend
their setting in first century Palestine to
speak powerfully in every age. Today, the
gospel becomes truly good news for the
lives of people in every nation, of every
race, language, and culture.

Acts: Parts 1 & 2
This thrilling story of the early Church is
presented in such a way that our own lectio
divina reflections deepen our faith while
instilling within us the desire to go out to all
the world with this powerful message of
Advent Light
Enkindle a watchful expectancy of the
continual coming of Christ by reliving the
anticipation of our ancestors. If we learn
from the prophets, angels, shepherds,
Joseph, we will learn to wait in joyful

The Names of Jesus
Know Jesus more completely through this
study of his many names and titles in the
New Testament. Bridegroom, King of
kings, Bread of Life, Morning Star, Word,
Lamb, Messiah, Alpha and Omega, and
many more help us appreciate the richness
of his personality.

Pilgrimage in the Footsteps
of Jesus
Go on a virtual pilgrimage to the Holy
Land to explore the primary sites
commemorating the life of Jesus. Holy
places and sacred Scripture help us
encounter Jesus through the geography of
his earthly life.

Biblical Feasts of Judaism
Understand the biblical roots of Judaism’s
festivals. An appreciation of the Sabbath,
Passover, Pentecost, Booths, Purim,
Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, and others will
help Christians comprehend modern
Judaism and the faith of Jesus.

The Sacred Heart
Change your hearts of stone to hearts of
flesh by turning to the pierced and sacred
heart of Jesus, the place of divine love.
The heart is the biblical symbol for the
human will and passion, the personal level
at which genuine conversion to Christ

Stewardship of the Earth
Experience God’s creation as a great gift
and a sacred trust to humanity. The
biblical texts help us understand our
privilege and responsibility in caring for
the earth and humbly recognizing our
place within it.

The Holy Spirit and
Spiritual Gifts
Discover how to rekindle the fire of the
Holy Spirit and allow God’s Spirit to
manifest divine graces and spiritual gifts
more richly within you. The same Spirit
who inspired the prophets and evangelists
and who filled the life of Jesus now blows
within and among all God’s people.
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DVD to help you
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By Stephen J Binz

23 minutes running time

Threshold to God's
Word is ideal for adult
faith formation, RCIA,
Bible study, and whole
community catechesis.
It encourages viewers
to read the Bible daily
and to respond more
fully to its spiritual

In this "live"
presentation, Stephen
Binz invites viewers to
experience the Bible
as the word of the
living God, to put
away their fears of
reading it, and to
make Bible reading a
regular part of their
lives. He challenges
viewers to: •read the
Bible both for
information and

•understand what the
text meant and what
it means today

•discover the divine
message beneath the
cultural context

•interpret with
expectancy, always
looking for something

•learn a method for
reading that leads to
reflection and prayer