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Whole Community
Bible Study

The risen Jesus said: “Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking;
if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you” (Rev 3:20).
Constitution on Divine Revelation, 22, and Catechism of the Catholic Church, 131

If whole community catechesis and lifelong faith formation are your goal, Threshold Bible
Study is right for your parish. It teaches Catholics about the Bible and helps them articulate and share their
faith within the family and parish community. Lifelong faith formation is nurtured when Bible reading and
reflection become a natural part of each person's daily experience.

Because the Bible is the inspired literature of God's people, communicating God's life to the church, every parish
ought to offer opportunities for helping people study Scripture and integrate it into their lives.
should never have to leave their faith community to study the Bible
. The beauty of Threshold
Bible Study is that each person can proceed at his or her own pace. Each couple in a household can read and
discuss the material without additional guidance. Small groups can read and discuss the material without
additional parish involvement because complete instructions are included in every book.

Many communities across the country have had good luck with
“one book, one community” efforts to get
people reading and talking about what they have read. This approach works well with Threshold Bible Study.

If everyone in your parish were reading the same Bible study, the whole community would be encouraged to
form the habit of daily Bible reading and reflection. The whole community would learn to practice the ancient
method of lectio divina, a way of studying Scripture as a personal encounter between God and the reader. The
whole community would focus and reflect on the same faith-enriching theme. The whole community would study
the Bible on their own for about 10 minutes a day, while those with the time and desire could join small groups.
The whole community would learn to read the Bible in a way that facilitates ongoing conversion and personal
transformation in Christ.
The titles of
Threshold Bible
are not
designed to be
studied in any
particular order.
Choose studies
that correspond
to the interests
of the
and the
seasons of the

People of the Passion
The Tragic and Triumphant Cross
The Resurrection and the Life
The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts
The Lamb and the Beasts
Stewardship of the Earth

The Names of Jesus
The Feasts of Judaism
Angels of God
Advent Light
Mysteries of the Rosary
Jesus and the Church

The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts
The Names of Jesus
Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Jesus
Jerusalem, the Holy City
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Stewardship of the Earth
The Lamb and the Beasts