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4. Collatio – Forming Community through Scripture

Throughout history, God’s word has been directed first and foremost to a community, not just to individuals.
For this reason, studying the Bible in the context of a community of faith can deepen and enrich the
experience of individual study.

By sharing our understanding and wisdom in a faith-filled group of people, we discover how to let God live in
every dimension of our lives and we enrich the lives of others. Practicing lectio divina within a community of
faith, we learn to place our own lives into the story of God’s people throughout the ages.  

Through conversation and shared insight, a supportive group can be an enormous help in allowing God’s
word to take fire in our hearts. The insights that one person is able to derive from reflecting on the texts are
multiplied through a group discussion.

The Bible is like a bottomless well. Though we dip in the bucket time and time again, there is always more
refreshing water to quench our thirst. Within a supportive group we can never exhaust the full meaning of its
texts, so there is always more to ponder and discuss.

Today there are many ways to form a Bible-reading community of faith. Churches seeking to promote
Threshold Bible Study should consider a variety of opportunities to invite people in every stage of adult life to
study the Bible.
Lectio Divina
Bible Study

The risen Jesus said: “Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking;
if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you” (Rev 3:20).