Learn how to Coach Parents
Faith formation that lasts a lifetime!
is where the journey of Growing Up Catholic begins both for parents and for their child. You can help parents prepare to pass on their own faith to their children
by helping them restart their own journey of faith. This is a "moment of opportunity" for you as a parish. Do not miss the chance to help these parents.
After Baptism
the process of Growing Up Catholic is in the hands of the parents or guardians. But we are the parish can help! Don't lost contact with young couples and single
parents after the baptism of their infant or young child. With only a little effort, you can coach them and help them stay closer to the parish.
Sacrament Prep
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On Our Way with Jesus
Coach parents at the time of baptism
Coach parents after baptism
Coach parents at the time of
First Penance and First Communion
There is no better time than this to coach parents. They are expecting to take a role in sacramental formation, and the resources below are the best available anywhere.
Don't miss this chance to offer young parents formation indirectly as they are coached to form their own kids. Many return to full participation. Others seek full
communion. This is the time of their lives when you can have a profound and lasting impact.
Reproducible Resources
Printed Book Resources
Coach parents during the rest of elementary religious ed
After the Sacraments, when we often "lose" children in our programs, this process provides a rich way to help the whole family develop as a household of faith. Don't
quit coaching after Eucharist and Reconciliation! Now is the time to gather parents two or three or more times a year for additional coaching.
Coach parents during preparation for Confirmation
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Great Expectations: A
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