Into the Fields
Teacher & Catechist Formation
for all catechetical ministries in the parish

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Twenty-Third Publications
Serving the Church for more than 40 years!
Catechist and Teacher Formation
for the Whole Community

Into the Fields will help you:
Deepen the faith of your catechists and teachers with 30
powerful spiritual exercises,
based on the Ignatian exercises.
Written by Dan Schutte.

• Give your catechists & teachers a comprehensive, Catechism-
based review
of Catholic teaching, using Growing Faith project
materials written by Bill Huebsch.

• Teach the teachers more than
24 practical catechetical
written by Alison Berger.

• Give your catechists & teachers
concrete teaching methods
that work in real classrooms.

• Provide your catechists & teachers with
continuing education
from Loyola University New Orleans or Fordham
University of New York.
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