Growing Faith
by Bill Huebsch
edited by Sr Maureen Shaughnessy SC

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Twenty-Third Publications
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Let Christ touch your
heart through
A summary of the
Catholic Church
See the full scope & sequence.

Presented in 48, full
color booklets,
each 8 pages long
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this booklet.

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Including Exercises
and Reflections for
private or group use

With a
Nihil Obstat
& an Imprimatur

Used as a whole, or in
Mini-Courses for small
community groups
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With a complete
program ready to go
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With a Facilitator
Guide + PowerPoint
presentation for each
booklet, in either
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Other Features

Correlated to The Catholic
Catechism for Adults
Each booklet in the
Growing Faith series
corresponds to a section
of this Catechism. Use
them as companions to
each other.

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of the Correlation.

Comes with a complete 3-year
plan for use in the Liturgical
cycles of the Church year
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Growing Faith comes
with it's own wonderful
prayer book:
Desires of the Heart
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Growing Faith is fully
illustrated in original work
by artist
Mark Hakomaki.

Twenty-Third Publications
Serving the Church for more than 40 years!
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