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Come to the Table is an easy-to-use process of small group meetings, organized around 7 major themes with 30 total topics.
Parishes may set a curriculum for several years, or small groups may set their own course. Each session includes prayer, study,
conversation, and decisions for specific actions.
All of this pours out into the everyday lives of participants to enrich
the parish and change the world.
See Samples of all the Sessions!
Click on any cover below to open samples of each theme in English on your computer screen.
Please allow time for the samples to download. The files are large.

Remember as you view these samples that each small group session is meant to last about an hour or an hour-and-a-half.
We encourage them to open with a short session of
Breaking Open the Word from the previous Sunday's liturgy
and to close with some
Christian hospitality. This will add about 20 minutes.
The sessions you see here are accompanied by a
Leader's Guide which also adds a bit of supplemental material.

Note: Feel free to print the samples you view here to use within your office and to share with your committees.
A sample of
each Leader
Guide is
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Come to the Table
This is small group faith formation
for adults and young adults.
It is a way to welcome and re-engage parishioners
with their faith, their friends & neighbors, and their parish.
Participants in Come to the Table
are able to speak about their faith with confidence.
They receive a solid foundation of knowledge,
and an experience of conversion to Christ.
These two – knowledge and conversion –
grow together throughout their lives.
Come to the Table draws its inspiration and spirit from the RCIA.
To see a sample of Ven a la Mesa,
click on the cover to your right.